MOZZICO specialises in authentic Roman style “Pizza al Taglio”.

It’s a street food unique to Rome.

The pizza is baked in rectangular iron trays and is sold by the slice or literally “by the cut”.

“Pizza al Taglio” is one of few, true classics within the tradition of Italian Street Food. Craved by Italians of all regions, ages and backgrounds, “Pizza al Taglio” is the quintessential food choice when it comes to a mid-morning top-up, a hearty-but-healthy lunch, an afternoon break, a family dinner with kids or a footy game with mates.

“Pizza al Taglio” is also the perfect choice for school lunch boxes and for delicious birthday party buffets. It makes everybody happy and comes in as many varieties as the Pizza-Man can create.

And this brings us to our Chef!

Born in Rome, cook since his teens, Matteo Bassi is a born fisherman and a seafood chef (his award-winning F.I.S.H. Fine International Seafood House was a hit in Rome between 2001 and 2013) with a tremendous passion for PIZZA.

In 2014 he left Rome and chose Australia to raise his two children and, finally, at the verge of 2019, together with his wife Sonia, conceives MOZZICO, (literally “bite”) a place where you can have a taste of the most popular Roman street food.

Buon Mozzico a tutti


enjoy every bite!